Online game development studio for teaching schoolchildren and students
The first crowdsourcing project for the gamification of learning. We invite you to become an accomplice and co-author of the creation of educational board and mobile games in each subject of the school curriculum.
Learning Modernization
Sitting in self-isolation, we decided to launch a project that had been put off for a long time. We want to create game complexes for each subject of the school curriculum. The presence of such gaming solutions will help not only to make the learning process interesting, but also provide an opportunity for each family to play and complete the basic school program with their children.
For a decade, we digitized texts and pictures, which were already full on the Internet without us, and did not develop modern digital tools - with feedback, adaptability, and game form. But, I hope that the lesson will be learned, and in the educational system there will appear advanced developments, experimental sites. In this case, new effective digital tools will come to schools that will offload teachers and be interesting to students.

Isak Frumin
Academic Supervisor, Institute of Education, HSE Professor
How of it
Team building
Teachers, experts, parents, game practitioners and adolescents come together in teams and choose for themselves the topic on which they will work.
Workshops online
Teams go through workshops online and step-by-step carry out tasks on the formation of elements of a game project. After each stage, sharing takes place to discuss and improve the decisions of the participants.
Development sessions
From a formed set of mechanics, cases, game elements, teams assemble a product prototype. Describe its gameplay, game and off-game results.
Testing and design refinement
Participants using each other's resources act as testers and improve each other's development. Team designers and third-party experts improve and refine game design.
Testing games for educational effect.
A special test group checks and notes thin spots in games, and forms a list of potential improvements. Project teams are preparing the design, description and rules for the final publication.
Publish and release games
Preparation for publication of the game bank in accordance with the classifier for subjects and fields of knowledge. Posting the game in the public domain and tracking user reviews.
Together we will create the most fascinating learning environment
We invite our team to the roles of developers, game designers, testers, marketers, methodologists, and analysts. If you are a parent or teacher, pupil or student and want to become part of an all-Russian national project, join.
Work algorithm
Based on the crowdsourcing distribution of work, we form a conveyor for the production of gaming solutions, their testing and improvement.
Selecting a topic and viewing the course on the formation of the technical specifications for the game
We are determined inside the team and go through an online micro-course on the formation of the Terms of Reference for the game.
Creation and approval of Terms of Reference
We collectively create requirements and terms of reference for the game in order to meet the requirements of all interested parties and GEF.
A course on the development of load-bearing game mechanics, plots, stories and materials.
From the course we select the necessary blocks and game mechanics for a team project. We form a set of solutions for the game.
Development of supporting game mechanics, scenarios and characters.
We create the skeleton of the game and check it for sufficiency and playability.
We are taking a course in game design.
We look at the course of game design and form ideas for the visual design of the game.
Design of game elements and packaging.
Development and selection of the best design solutions.
Game testing
Organization of focus groups from parents, teachers and students to improve games.
Testing games for educational results.
Together with methodologists and experts, we check the games and refine them, we carry out quality control.
Placement of games in the public domain for printing and use in the work of teachers, parents and students.
We place games on portals of regional ministries of education for printing and use in the work of teachers, parents and students.
Project coordinator team
The list of project participants is updated following the completion of the next stage by the teams.
In the project I am responsible for overall coordination. Creation of educational content, examination of game mechanics and quality of games.
Alexey Ilyin
Head of educational programs at the first state
institute of gaming practice.
In the project I am engaged in a strategy, a contour of expert support and introducing best practices in the educational process.
Marina Abramova
Director of FSBI "Roskulttsentr" Member of the Board,
Russian Book Union
I provide communications in the project with the expert community, coordination of game expertise.
Alexander Milkus
Head of the Laboratory for Media Communications in Education at the Higher School of Economics, observer of Komsomolskaya Pravda Publishing House.
In the project, I coordinate a group of experts on board games, I am responsible for game design.
Vadim Dmitriev
Managing Partner, Accelerator Institute of the Future, Partner of Biztrain and Igrocom. The author of more than 100 games.
In the project, I coordinate work with the international expert community, contributing to the promotion of the platform among schoolchildren.
Elena Marinina
President of the Inosocium Fund Vice President of the Roscongress Foundation

In the project I advise teams on strategy, user scenarios, development and packaging of games.
Alexey Kuznetsov
Developer of gaming solutions, group programs for the development of systems thinking. Co-founder of
Workshop organizers
School of Future Presidents
Laboratory of educational technologies and games in training since 2012, the best project in the field of career guidance according to the version of the "Career Practices" contest
Federal state budgetary institution that provides the development of creative industries and creative youth initiatives in Russia.
Project partners
We invite companies and organizations to join us.
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